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Christina Herrera A.K.A DutchessQony is a Hispanic Female Music Artist  Born and raised in The Bronx where hiphop started. As The middle child of 5 Dutchess always was the one that had a spark for a fine tune. Growing up surrounded by the sounds of freestyle, house music, Madonna and many more Dutchess became of her own sound. Dutchess started writing poetry which then turned into her writing lyrics and linking with her first local producer. Her emotion Has always driven her to create. “Any time I feel, I write, I sing or rap. Its better for me to connect that way.” She started perusing her music career as a teenager. Singing, rapping, writing, modeling you name it Dutchess did it. Growing up her older sister Jennifer played a key role to Dutchess whole existence. She was one of her biggest supporters through music and life. In 2008 Jennifer tragically passed away at 8 months pregnant in her sleep due to a brain aneurysm. Her nephew passed with her sister. She left behind 2 children. Her mom and older sister carry the load of the kids and keeping what’s left of her family together. Dutchess always felt a sense of owing this to not only herself but to her sister as well. “Jennifer always said I was a star and that I’d get us out one day. Even in spirit she still makes me very aware of this. No plan B’s.” Since the death of her sister she has devoted herself to ensuring her music career takes off. She went on to battle rap on the legendary all female league “Queen of the Ring” & “Bars & Bra Straps”, where she has went viral and racked over 600,000 views on YouTube. She has work with huge industry names such as Wyclef, Nick Cannon and Crooked I. She has also been feature on Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs And Harmony “The Wonder years” album. She has worked with Grammy award winning and billboard charting producer Jonathan Hay and his collaborate Ranna Royce and she has been featured in the Source magazine. She has dropped 5 Music Projects and has a YouTube page full of dope visual content. She is a social media favorite and has to talent to back her up. Dutchess is here for the long run. “I just want to bring that REAL back. Single moms, struggling, love, life. That substance in a good tune is for the soul. I can do that, I have done that and will continue to do it.” 

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